The 7 most effective exercises to lose weight | Lose Weight without dieting

More important than choosing one exercise is a consistent diet and a balanced diet to lose weight.
You might think that the best exercise for losing weight is running. Even though running has many advantages and helps you lose weight a little, but it is not the only way.
Also, other things are even more effective in losing weight.
In today’s article, we will talk about the most effective exercises for losing weight.

1. Advantages of running:

Let’s start with the most popular exercise today. It is a simple exercise that does not require much other than a pair of good shoes. You can run in the park, and you may not spend a penny. Running for 1 minute at a rate of 6 miles per hour will burn 8 calories.
The faster you run, the more fat you burn. It is a simple formula.
Many people don’t feel very interested in running, but I know that running is the most effective way to lose weight and is suitable for your health.
And recent research claims that running is a great way, but there are other ways to do it better.
According to Harold Gibbons, director of the American Society for Fitness Management in New York, “You burn more calories in high-intensity weight training than in the running.”
Depending on your efforts, how much you can lose weight is related to your muscle weight, weight and height. And of course … your age.
Aerobics is the best exercise to lose weight. Although it may be relatively low intensity, exercise time (one hour) is long. Dance classes or step exercises are good examples.

2. Kettlebell exercise:

The kettlebell has a handle on the ball and is mainly used for the practice of the quadriceps and thighs. It is also used to boost your vitality and energy levels. It can burn 20cal of calories per minute and can increase the heart’s strength by 93%.
Exercise up to 20 minutes of kettlebell every day
The kettlebell swing is challenging because your body is not used to the movement. But it’s a great workout to get rid of belly fat, shape your arms and strengthen your legs.
These balls come in various sizes and can burn up to 300 calories in a 30-minute workout.

3. Rowing:

An adult weighing 170 pounds can consume about 400 calories if steady rowing is performed for 30 minutes. This exercise can be thought of as consuming about 12.5 calories per minute.
Rowing focuses on the muscles of the arms, back, and legs, but is considered a full-body workout.
It is also a great way to increase cardiovascular endurance. This exercise strengthens your quadriceps and back muscles.
Rowing is a great exercise to lose weight and helps to develop both flexibility and strength. You don’t need to buy a kayak to paddle, because most gyms have the equipment to follow this movement.

4. Jump Rope:

With moderate intensity, you can run 100 to 120 times a minute. If it is this level of strength, it will consume about 13 calories.
The great thing about jumping rope is that it uses more muscle groups than just running. This exercise will improve your co-op, balance and skills.
Jumping rope not only has muscle benefits, but it also reduces the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, depression, anxiety, and high blood pressure.
And all you need for this exercise is a jump rope!

5. Cycling:

It doesn’t matter which bike you use, but the best option is a mountain bike.
An hour on a bicycle can cost about 1500 calories (15 calories per minute). And to enjoy the benefits of this exercise, you do not have to go to the mountain.
Cycling strengthens and shapes the leg muscles and improves breathing and heart rate.

6. Crossfit:

Crossfit is one of the most popular workout routines these days, originating from US military training.
You can burn a lot of calories in one class, and the other advantage is that each person can exercise at his own pace.
The Crossfit consists of a sequence of general movements with some additional action.
The Crossfit class must be guided by an expert and start with a small shock and then move to a high-impact exercise. Crossfit is done 2-3 times a week, which can improve strength and endurance.

7. Squat:

Everyone knows this exercise, but not many of them are well aware of its numerous benefits.
On average, it consumes 13 calories per minute, but for best results, only 30 minutes of exercise time is required. Eight sets of 20 repetitions are given, giving each game a 45-second break.
Squats hold the shape of the legs, thin the legs, strengthen the glutes and improve posture. You can also do arm exercises by holding a dumbbell in your hand.

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